"... As the air escaped from Pete's half open mouth Spike came across with a hard left that plunged into Pete's head and sent him crashing into the ground. The blood flew from Pete's face from the impact of the blow. Doc continued the smile, closely watching the action. .."

"... Every street and house in the subdivision was now controlled by the Street Survivors. Then it was time to appoint the first officers of the club. They of course took the positions. Spike was now the President and Doc was the Vice President. The next day Doc would take both of their cutoff Levi jackets and put the new Street Survivors patches on the back of them. That would make it official, and they could proudly display the name of their club everywhere that they went...."



This book goes out to Doc, Betsy, and Carol. Since we parted ways my mind has always carried your memories. This part of the book was my chance to tell you. As hard and as fast as we all lived and the times that we didn't think that we could make it through, we did it as one. As long as I live you shall continue to run through my mind.

Thirteen years have past and you are all still in my mind as though it was yesterday. May you all "Live Free and Ride Hard".


P . S .

To all you fantasizers: This is the book that your dreams and fears are made of. Read and enjoy the memories that are ours with the same enthusiasm and intensity that we put into their making.

SPIKE 09/16/91

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