"...Kansas came softly through their minds playing "DUST IN THE WIND". Listening quietly to the music that they had chosen as their song almost a year ago, they ate in total relaxation. Talking softly of their love for each other and making plans for their next year together. For one night they had found peace. This was hard to find in their every day existance. Although, through all the relaxation and peace they never forgot who they really were and always would be, "The Street Survivors"

"....Blasting out of the speakers was a new song by Foreigner entitled, "At War With The World". The group paused, listening carefully to the words of the song. Not a word was spoken as they listened. When the song ended they just turned and walked out the door without one word. It was time to defend their territory..."

"When it came to psychedelics, Doc would take more than most people. His brain was made for the open minded insight that the psychedelics provided. He was the thinker of the two, now and for years to come..."



The memories that we carried intact for the past thirteen years are brought to our readers exactly as they are remembered. As the reader you are presented with ideas of fictionalized accounts of the true stories contained with-in this text. I will take this chance to assure you that none of the information contained in this text is fabricated in any way. This is our life that we left behind. The life that Spike and I have been living in our minds for the past thirteen years. A life of loves that were so intense and lifestyles that were so different from that of today that we feel that is must be documented for all intensive purposes.

I have but one regret while participating in this scribble session. The people that were most important to me I held in my mind all these years. My best bro and I have remained in contact over the years, but we had lost contact with our life long loves. Only after thirteen years were we able to find them again. In this search we have never let our intense love die, it has only grown stronger after finding our people again. I will carry all of them with me until the end. To my people "All We Are Is Dust In the Wind".

DOC 09/16/91

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