Betsy's Dedication!



"Doc's attention was transfixed on the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen, setting so perfectly in a desk so far away. As class progressed, Doc noticed that the beautiful lady was also checking him out. Doc hoped that she would be interested in him. The bell rang and class was over, so much for Doc's fantasy. ...."

"The bell rang in their brains, as Betsy took the bowl from Doc and put it to her sweet lips. "She is fucking beautiful," Doc though to himself as all of the students went inside to their classes, leaving the four standing alone in the large smoking area...."



I've always said my life is an open book. Now, I guess it really is. However, if this account of the things we went through growing up can help even one child understand how hard it is to be an adult, or one adult to understand the pressures that their children are under by friends and society, it will be worth it.

What you are about to read is all reality. Because of the things we've done as children, it has made us stronger adults. We hurt a lot of people along the way, but learned hard and fast, the things we all need to know in order to survive in a world that is hard on it's people.

Take time to learn from our past, and our mistakes, to make your lives a little easier. Most importantly, cherish your children and the love in your lives, for they are truly what is important.

BETSY 03/07/92

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