"Spike was lost for words as he sat next to Carol and starred at her beauty. It was now Spike's turn to feel the feelings that Doc had been ever since he laid his eyes on Betsy." 

"It was the most beautiful girl that he had ever laid eyes on. She was about 5'3" tall, and had long sandy blonde hair. Spike figured that she weighed about 115 lbs. at most. What amazed him the most was her clothes. She had on a pair of skintight faded hiphugger big bell Levis and a tank top halter shirt."



There is a fine line between fiction and fact. The reader must establish this line him or herself. This is a book of memories, mine and others, and if they seem peculiar to you, that's O.K. I was there, even though this book may seem to be fiction, the memories are very real to me. I don't know what you will feel from reading this book. I don't know what you will get from it either. I only hope you will get the message that it's O.K. to be young and that it's O.K. to be free. Maybe this book will make someone think before rash decisions are made.

I've seen the changes in Doc and Spike since these memories, or warped figments of our imaginations, occurred. Believe me, the changes are subtile. Deep down, they're much the same, but maybe a little wiser. Instead of rambling on, I suppose I should let you get on reading the book. I think it's cool that memories are going to become yours.

CAROL 09/15/91

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