This book was long in the coming. Doc and Spike have talked about it a few times over the past few years. It is only now that you can crawl into the past memories of the Street Survivors as they named themselves such a long time ago.

The two have started from their first memories of each other and lead you into times and places that could never be imagined by most normal people. Their lives and loves are presented to you in hopes that you will feel the emotions and intensity from their lives as they stumbled and fought throughout their lives as they knew it.

The world has changed so much over the past thirteen years. Most of the people from those memories have relocated and some have died. New places were erected in the old towns and cities and most of the old places have been destroyed or molested. The pictures that accompany these scribblings were taken thirteen years after these memories were made. Very few pictures were taken at the time.

Spike and Doc knew that this book was destined to be written in September of 1991. The two started from Detroit Metropolitan Airport and in less than three hours had all the addresses and information that they had set out to find over a period of ten days. After location of Carol M. and consultation with her the location of Betsy was obtained. Also found were the addresses of all the other people that were involved in the memories of that past time.

The rest of the ten days were used for the development of a plan for the production of the four to produce the book that you are reading. Visits to old places and fields where nothing is standing. Walks down the railroad tracks that were a major transportation way for the "Street Survivors" thirteen years ago. Trips to the K-mart stores and the malls that they used to invade. As this time passed, too soon, it was time to return to their plain lives without the ones they love.

So, here it is for all the love and hate, for all the pain and torment, for all the fun and excitement, for all the readers, but most of all for the loves that we will never forget and lives that should never have ended.


The Street Survivors


This is the site and book that your dreams and fears are made of. Read and enjoy the memories that are ours with the same enthusiasm and intensity that we put into their making. Spike 09-16-91

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