Always A Reason To Fight or Defend Their Turf

The group exchanged small talk about the attack. About 7:15 PM Dave showed up, but this time he had a good excuse. Dave had met some of the females from Oakley Park and bribed them with the Street Survivors best Red Bud, they always had the best of anything in town and everyone knew it. Dave had found out the Oakley Park was planning to set all eighteen of their members out early. They had picked the same spots that the Street Survivors had chosen for the attack. Time for a new plan.

"Muther fuckin pussy fucks want to jump early, huh?" Spike stated in a commanding tone, as Dave deposited his weapons on the bed and sat down.

Quickly Doc and Spike came up with a new strategy.

"If those fucks want to jump, then we'll jump even earlier. At 8:30 PM we'll set up. Dave, take the Beretta and get up on the school roof at the Northeast corner. You can see the school yard and the Gully from there. Tony, you take your weapon and set at the Northwest corner of the school yard, and watch your ass. Mike, take the baseball bat, two motorcycle chains, and a set of chucks, and go to the Northeast edge of the Gully. Doc, take the forty five, two tie downs, a set of chucks, and five of the stars. Where do you want to be?" Spike advised and questioned.

"I'll take the fallen tree, where you fucked up those two earlier this year." Doc replied.

"Cool. I'll take my nightchuck, a set of chucks, five stars, and two of the tie downs. I'll be at the end of the path to the Gully. No one jump until I give the signal. Got it?" Spike ordered.

Looking at the clock once more, Spike read 8:27 PM. Motioning to the others, they gathered their weapons and started out the door. Spike advised the females to stay in the basement no matter what they heard outside, and he turned on the radio. As usual the radio was tuned to WRIF 101 FM. Blasting out of the speakers was a new song by Foreigner entitled, "At War With The World". The group paused, listening carefully to the words of the song. Not a word was spoken as they listened. When the song ended they just turned and walked out the door without one word. It was time to defend their territory.

The group walked towards the Gully at a quick pace. Dave split from the group at the edge of the first parking lot of the school. By the time the others were at the second parking lot, Dave was already in position on the roof. Mike split off from the group at the end of the second parking lot to head to his assigned area. Doc and Tony split off from Spike and were heading to their respective places when over the fence of the school yard came the same bone crushing sound that seemed to echo from months earlier in Spike's head.

Tony was the first to enter the conflict. Oakley Park was moving through the pine trees in the school yard when Tony came around the corner. Spike had a feeling that this wasn't going to be as easy as they had planned. They were outnumbered by three to one. If Dave stayed on the roof they would be outnumbered about four to one. Thinking also that Tony may be out of commission, Spike started to get worried.

The dead silence that had overcome the area was broken, as Tony plunged his staff into the head of one of the Oakley Park members. A blood curdling scream rang out into the night. Spike and Doc raced to the fence and jumped it in a single bound. Spike advised Doc to shake the forty-five. With the odds that they had against them it may hurt more than it would help. Doc deposited it neatly in the garbage can outside the wall of the school. Leaving it uncovered for easy access in an emergency.

Mike had cleared the edge of the gully and was coming fast, as Doc and Spike jumped the fence. The timing was slightly off and the three never met. Three Oakley Park members were on Doc, Spike had three of them to worry about, and four had surrounded Mike before he made it to the school. Tony was in a clearing, doing battle with two of the Oakley Park members on each side of him. Tony was using the staff to make sure that they kept their distance.

Doc and Spike turned their attentions to the six Oakley Park members that surrounded them. The two had been training in hand to hand combat for a few years now and felt reasonably proficient against other people. Now they faced off against six people. It was kill or be killed.

"Where's Billy boy?" Spike asked the fuckers just before they charged.

Bill J. stood out from most of the others in the two gangs. He was about six foot five. A tall muscular Indian fuck that Doc and Spike despised. At fifteen years old, Bill was noticed above and among anyone else at the school. But he hadn't come that night. He was the President of the Oakley Park Gang and he didn't show up for a turf battle that he initiated. It was puzzling............


.........."Next time tell Billy boy to come out and play fuckers!" Doc yelled as the last of the Oakley Park members disappeared down the path.

"Yeah, and stay the fuck out of our turf!" Spike yelled behind Doc.

For their first real battle as the Street Survivors they didn't feel to bad. Doc and Spike wandered over to the trash barrel and Doc retrieved the forty-five. When all of the other members had arrived at the corner of the school they walked towards Spike's house. They walked a lot slower than they did when they started out, but each of them had their heads held high. They had pride in their walks. They were invincible and they all knew it.

When they stormed into the basement, Doc and Spike were met with hugs and kisses. Not really looking at each other in the dark night they now could see what they looked like. A gasp escaped from the mouths of the girls as the group fell into a slumped pile on the floor, and the girls cleaned and bandaged the broken noses and blood.

Tony's nose was broken and bleeding all over the place. He had a busted jaw and a very deep laceration over his left eye. Mike had also gotten his nose broken, and he suffered every time he took a breath. Probably a broken rib. Doc had broken his little finger on the right hand, and his eye and jaw were bruised. Spike had a deep laceration on his right forearm. For the first time Spike got his nose broken, a ritual that would occur many times in the years to come. Among Spike's injuries was also a broken knuckle on the right hand, it was stuck out and moved back about a quarter of an inch. Each of the bleeding Street Survivors, looked at Dave at the same time.

"Why the fuck didn't you get off the roof and help?" Spike belligerently questioned Dave.



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