Pleasure and the Enjoyment Thereof

Unknown to Spike, Doc had obtained a full bottle of Five Miligram Valumes from his father's prescriptions in the medicine cabinet earlier that day. As Doc placed Bob Seigers' Live Bullet album on and cranked up the volume, he searched for the bottle.

Doc produced the bottle and stated, "lets try some of these. I hear they're pretty good," shaking the pills in front of Spike's face.

"No shit?" Spike replied, grabbing the bottle from Doc's hand and eating four of the little yellow tablets.

"Give me some!" Doc stated, snatching the bottle from Spike and filling his whole hand up with them.

"These things ain't shit," Doc exclaimed shoving the handful of tablets into his mouth, "Lets party. Fuck it. We are invincible aren't we?" came from his mostly full mouth.

"Shit, I'm glad that I got to them first!" Spike proclaimed.

Spike reached over and took the bottle from Doc. Pouring them out in his hand Spike started to count the remaining tablets. There were twenty remaining in the bottle.

"Hey shit head, how many pills were in this bottle to start with?" Spike questioned.

"The bottle says a hundred and twenty so that must be it," Doc replied.

Carefully calculating the amount of tablets Doc had eaten, Spike added. There were one hundred and twenty starting, Spike had four, therefore Doc had ingested ninety-six of the five milligram tablets. "That's enough to kill a horse but Doc can handle it," Spike thought to himself.

As the Bob Seiger album finished, Doc rose from the chair and placed Ted Nugent, Double Live Gonzo on. Spike noticed that Doc wasn't moving very fast. Kind of like some of the slow motion visions that they had seen when they were eating Acid or Mescaline. Being Doc was slightly on the hipped side normally, Spike realized that there could be a problem. Spike decided to phone his mother and tell her that he would stay the night at Doc's house that night. Spike's mother welcomed the opportunity, that would let Doc's parents deal with the two of them for one night. She consented to the deal.

Spike knew that Doc was getting worse. Within one hour after his call home, Spike noticed that Doc was more incoherent and belligerent. Doc could not go to sleep until he had returned to reality, or should I state, life as he knew it. Spike stayed awake all night that night, making sure that Doc did likewise. To Spike, the morning seemed to take forever to arrive.

When light finally sparkled through the basement windows, Spike got Doc to his feet.

"Hey dude, pull your shit together, we are the Street Survivors!" Spike gruffly stated to Doc.

"Fuck Yaaaaaaaaaa," Was the only sound that Doc had made for hours.

Spike had only minor problems getting Doc to the bus stop and on the bus for the ride to school. Standing Doc up and walking him off the bus was not a problem, but the rest of the way to the smoking area took more than Spike was looking forward to. Doc would wander, in a zombie like state, bumping into walls and drinking fountains. After about fifteen minutes, Spike had navigated Doc out the back door and into the smoking area.

Joy and Betsy were waiting for the two in the smoking area as usual. They noticed, as the two arrived that something was wrong with Doc. Spike quickly told them the story of the previous night, and the ninety-six Valumes that Doc had eaten.

"We have to keep him on his feet." Spike told them.

"Lets head down the tracks" was Betsy's worried reply.

Just as the four were leaving the smoking area, Doc had a quick flash back to life.

"Fuck Oakley Park! We are the Street Survivors and nothing will stop us" Doc's voice stated loudly, echoing off the walls of the smoking area.

Those were the last words that Doc said for over a week and three days. He was like a zombie, stumbling around in a blind trance. The three straight people tried to stay with him as much as possible throughout his intense trip. All of them, especially Betsy, wondered if he would ever return to be with them, or did he fry his brain permanently.

After the week and three days had passed Doc slowly returned to normal. To the amazement of everyone, he did not suffer any adverse effects from the trip. To this day no one knows how or why Doc pulled out, but the incident only enhanced their attitudes. They were truly invincible, and Doc had put it to the ultimate test. They were the Street Survivors and they would walk out of anything that they came across.




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