Doc's Love of a Lifetime

The feeling inside Doc as he watched her walk into the building was growing more intense. The rest of the day and that night, she was all Doc could think about. Spike and Doc partied as usual that night, but Doc could only talk about this new beautiful lady. Not knowing what was happening inside himself, Doc drifted into oblivion for the rest of the night.

The next morning Doc rose early. He groomed himself with the utmost of care. He and Spike smoked a few bowls before leaving the Spike home and heading to the Glengary Laundromat and the bus stop. Doc, filled with excitement, asked Spike if he would make himself scarce for this first day with Betsy. Doc wanted to be with her all by himself, something that neither of them ever cared about before. Doc wanted this day to be special, for some reason the feeling was still with him on this day. It was driving him nuts. Never had he ever had a feeling like this, and he didn't know what it was. He wouldn't learn it for many years after.

When the bus arrived at the stop in front of the Laundromat, Doc and Spike stormed outside. Doc noticed that the calendar on the wall of the Laundromat read that it was the Third day of October 1977, a day that would last in his mind for the rest of his life. The ride to school seemed to take much longer than usual. Doc was ready for the day as the bus pulled into the school parking lot. Doc and Spike headed straight for the smoking area just as they did every morning. This morning Betsy was waiting there for Doc. Today was the day.

When Doc turned the corner to the smoking area he saw her. She stood out from all the other females. In Doc's eyes she glowed of a more intense beauty that he had ever known. Doc walked over to her. Her brown eyes and long brown hair mesmerized Doc.

"Hey Baby, are you ready?" Doc asked her.

"Lets go," she replied.

They walked up the hill of the smoking area and out across the school yard heading for the fort that Spike and Doc had customized days before. Just before they arrived at the fort, Doc came to the startling realization that the pictures that lined the walls of the fort may piss Betsy off, so he made an alternate suggestion.

"Lets head down the tracks towards Walled Lake, there's a tube that we can party at under the tracks a little ways down," Doc stated.

"Sure," Betsy replied.

When they reached the tracks, the two turned right and headed down the tracks. For the first time Doc mustered up enough balls to put his arm around Betsy. A feeling that entered his arm and reached deep down into his very soul over took him. Doc reached into his pocket and produced a bag of weed and a pipe.

"Lets party!" Doc stated as they walked towards the tube.

The bowl was just going out by the time that they arrived at the cement tube that let winter water to move under the rail road tracks, hereafter known to all as "The Tube". They moved down the steep path to the front of the tube. It was an excellent place to party. There were trees along the dry stream bed that lead away from the tube, and into the woods. The stream bed and the Tube were about seven feet down from the rail road track bed. In this location no one could see them. It was a sanctuary from all of the rest of the world, and at that time Doc had a world of his own. No one had ever made him feel like he did then.


Spike's Greatest Love of All

Spike watched every move Carol made as she sat down on the couch. Quickly he got up and moved over to the couch just as some more people rang the door bell. Spike was lost for words as he sat next to Carol and starred at her beauty. It was now Spike's turn to feel the feelings that Doc had been ever since he laid his eyes on Betsy. Trying to quickly think of something to say he heard a strange sound come from underneath Carol's ass. Spike recognized the sound instantaneously. It was a very loud stinky FART, and Carol had ripped it off in front of him.

"Excuse me I farted," Carol told him as she turned a deep red color.

Thinking quickly Spike replied with much wit, "Farted. That's O.K. Usually I make 'em shit!"

Carol started to laugh violently and almost spilled the drink that Spike was handing her.

"Being that we didn't get introduced, I'm Carol, Betsy's sister. I live with them now," She stated.

As everyone stormed into the basement yelling about partying and music, Doc turned the radio on. There was no one there that wanted to keep changing albums and Doc would not let anyone touch his album collection except Betsy and Spike. After Spike finally broke the ice with Carol they hit it off very well. Just as well as Doc and Betsy in fact. The feelings that Carol stirred in Spike, Doc had known for some time now. Spike started to understand what Doc was talking about those many months ago.

The party lasted for most of the night. Slowly the people started to leave and the basement became less crowded. That's the way Doc and Spike liked it. Just themselves alone, and the o'ladys. Spike spent as much time talking to Carol that night as he could. He still had to put a tag on these new feelings that were coming from inside him. He had never before felt them, and never would again. They are special feelings that only one person can bring out. Spike had finally found that one true love, even if he didn't know it then. That night would become a very special night for Spike. It would last forever in his memory, and in Carol's. There is nothing like true love when you find it.



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