Anything For Fun, Adventure or Just Pure Pleasure

The dorm was silent at 1:20 AM that morning. There was only the sound of Mr. L. snoring from the front of the dorm. The four panty raiders looked at each other from their bunks. They all nodded to each other. Slowly they rose up and got dressed, making sure not to make any sounds that would alert the other sleeping students.

They crept through the dorm in a line on their hands and knees. Peeking around the corner and finding Mr. L. still snoring and dead asleep, they crawled to the stairs. Like a snake they went up the two flights of stairs that lead to the upper dorm. The girls' dorm. When they arrived at the teachers' room of the females' dorm, they peeked their heads around looking for any signs of teachers or consciousness of any of the female students.

Splitting up, two on the left and two on the right, they crawled on their stomachs to the far end of the girl's dorm. Under the bunks they slid, opening all the lockers and removing undergarments as they crawled. Reaching the other end of the dorm, with hands full of panties and bras they carefully stood up.

Spike placed one of the larger bras on his head and fastened the two hooks under his chin. He somewhat resembled a nun with two large warts on her head. Doc put one of the bras he was holding around his waist and stuffed the crotch end of one set of panties into his mouth. Mike H. and Jim M. did likewise with their pile of bras and panties. The four tried to keep from laughing as they did this. In their present mental condition, Spike and Doc, when they turned and looked at each other, could not fight their laughter.

As the two's laughter bursted out of their mouths, the panties that Doc had been chewing on fell to the floor. One of the girls woke up and screamed. It was time.

"Panty Raid!" the four boys yelled, as they started running.

Past all the girls' bunks they flew. Down the steps to the boys' dorm. Just as the light in the boys' dorm came on, the four were covering up their fully dressed bodies and closing their eyes.

Mr. L. shot up the steps to see what all the commotion was about in the girls' dorm. When all was clear he came back down and woke every one up with a loud, "Who was upstairs in the girls' dorm?"

All the students, including the guilty four, started to rise and look aware. Mr. L. started walking down the center of the dorm.

"Everyone get up until someone gives me some names," he bellowed

Everyone got out of their bunks and stood at the front of them. Looking down, Doc realized that he still had the bra around his waist. Doc looked over at Spike, who was likewise standing at the foot of his assigned bunk. Spike still had the bra on his head. As Doc grabbed the bra from around his waist and started to remove it, Mr. L. spotted Spike with his custom head gear.

"Spike, what is that on your head?" Mr. L. grunted questioningly.

"Your o'ladys bra," Spike sarcastically replied, pulling the bra off his head.

Knowing the two of them, Mr. L. after finding one of the culprits to be Spike, looked directly over at Doc. Mr. L. saw that Doc still had the bra in his hand. As Mr. L. stopped and turned to Doc with his hand out asking for the bra, Spike was sneaking up behind Mr. L. with the bra in a slingshot position and a shoe inside the left cup. "Wap!" was heard as the slingshotted shoe hit Mr. L. in the back of the head, causing him to almost fall on Doc. Turning quickly around he grabbed Spike by the shirt.

"You little.... Your in deep shit now," Mr. L. bellowed.

The smack of Doc's bra hitting Mr. L. echoed through the dorm. All the students were laughing at Mr. L. since Spike hit him with the shoe. Now they laughed even harder. So did Doc and Spike.


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