How It All Started

After a few weeks the patterns were evident that this was more that just a third grade friendship that would blow away as time passed. Every morning Spike and Doc could be found sitting in the home of Mr. Spike, watching Bozo the Clown and figuring out what to do upon arrival at the school. Day in and day out this would continue, and if it was a weekend the boys could be found most anywhere in the Walled Lake area. Even at this young age the transformations were occurring, or maybe it was a mutation.

The only things that continued to cross the minds of the two were ways to get into some kind of trouble or make easy money. For third graders they were quite good at it. At first sight they were just tiny con men. They would sit for hours devising ways to make money from the other kids at the school or how to get into fights if no money was available.

Money, they knew that they had to have it. It was the only way that they could buy the bags of weed that they required to keep themselves under control. It seemed like only days earlier that they were introduced to the mellowing sensation of the weed that had become a major factor in their lives. They had been visiting some of Spikes older friends' months before. There they were, sitting around a campfire built out back of one of the peoples houses. The joints were passed around, and made their way to their hands.

Like a magnet to steel the joints found their home in Doc and Spikes' lips. As the first inhales of the forbidden smoke entered their lungs they coughed and choked. As the night went on, it became easier and easier to hit the joints as they came around. Slowly they felt that they had been transformed into a dream state. This was the most satisfying sensation that they had ever felt. They were relaxed and at peace with their surroundings. This was something that they had never before felt. They were never at peace with anything. They needed some money.

One day they were talking to another student at the school. It seems that this kid, James K. was having many confrontations with some of the larger students in the school. As if Siamese twins, Spike and Doc had a brilliant idea at the same time. Train Jim in the martial arts, making him believe that they were already trained. They could charge him for the training. Money, they needed that.

Day after day the two could be seen teaching Jim things that they did not know. Every recess they would retreat to the farthest reaches of the school yard. Looking for boards and other materials as they went. For each recess period they would charge Jim $.25. Boy did he think that he was getting a deal. After a while, Jim started to feel that he could handle himself. Their con training had worked, at least on his mind, providing the boy with courage. They also provided themselves with money.

Shortly after the training was over they had conjured up another way to make money. The Spike/Doc Detective agency was now opened. Show and tell provided many financial opportunities for them. Each day they would make sure to steal and hide some of their fellow students' property. Knowing where it was made them the best detectives that had ever been known in the school. The charge for location of property varied with the value of the items that were missing.

They had relocated dolls, teddy bears, pots and pans, homework papers, just about anything that held some sort of value to the students. The finding process was quite simple. After they received their specified compensation and some time spent for investigation of the case, they would find the missing items. Every one thought they were good. They even received some out of classroom assignments. They continued this through fourth and fifth grade. It was good money. It was easy money.

All good money making opportunities must come to an end. With a careful eye, their sixth grade teacher Mrs. B. caught them in the act of "property relocation", and promptly closed them down. Their principal was not enthusiastic with their mission either. Many recesses were ruined by her. Setting in front of the office on the bench, while all the other students were on recess was starting to bother them. Here sparks another idea.

They were released from the bench the next day. As they walked into the play ground, they could see the playground supervisor Mrs. G. out to the left. Their fellow students were playing and having fun all over the yard. Now was the time. No one was expecting it. It would take Mrs. G. a long time to reach them. "Lets do it".

"Wap!" as Spikes fist found its target in the center of Doc's head he could feel the blood trickle down from his eyebrow onto the ground. "Pow!" Doc hit him on the side of the head. Doc looked at his hand and it was covered in blood. Spike grabbed hold of Doc and shoved him headlong into the side of the brick building. Doc looked down at his shirt and realized that he was leaking blood from a large opening. Their hands locked around each others' throats, and they fell to the ground. As they squeezed harder and harder the blood would rush out of their mouths. Through all the intensity of the situation they had managed to keep and eye out for any teacher or principal. After some more punching and kicking each other, they found that they had turned into the center of attention. Looking up their faces met Mrs. G. and the Principal.

Being yanked apart and dragged down the hall with the blood covered bodies and clothes was exciting. They had the attention of every student in the school by the time they were forced into the office of the principal. Looking hurt and war-torn they stood in front of her desk. The nurse brought them each a damp towel and they started to clean off their faces and arms. They never knew the fake blood from the tubes that they discarded would be so hard to get off the skin. The laughter started as the lecture on fighting began. After some puzzling looks from their beloved principal and the explanation of the fake blood, they were assigned a week on the bench out side the office. Somehow they knew that it was coming. Time for another plan.

As they were starting to plan, Doc's eye was caught by his girlfriend at the time, Kim S. It was then that Doc had this excellent idea. Doc started to reveal it to Spike.


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